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Competent and timely negotiations are imperative to the successful and cost-effective completion of any project. Skillful negotiation is the key ingredient in obtaining fair, but favorable terms for all agreements, contracts and purchases. Because of the crucial nature of negotiation activities, our representatives make themselves available at all times during this process, including evenings and weekends.

Contour Field Consultant's landmen are well rounded and possess excellent human relation skills. This allows them to deal effectively with all types of people, from rural landowners to corporate executives. They conduct the negotiation process with the utmost prudence, tact and persistence. You can be assured that price, terms and deadlines will be strictly observed in accordance with your guidelines.

Contour's goal is to provide clients with the best possible terms in a timely manner.

Business Meeting
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Route selection requires the consideration of countless factors in determining the preference of one route over another. We understand that the accumulation of data and the evaluation and analysis of that data is a matter of fundamental importance in order for our client to make an informed decision.


Contour Field Consultant's representatives are aware that timely, fair and honest assessments of damage claims can result in better public relations and lower costs for their clients. Contour's agents are experienced in determining fair and equitable reparations for damages caused by right-of-way and construction operations. Acting under the client's direction and approval, they will first determine whether damage claims are justified and then settle valid claims.

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My clients are my number one priority, and I’ll go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with my work. Have a specific project that requires professional attention? My services are designed to tackle even the most complex projects. Contact me today to discover how I can help.


Contour Field Consultant's landmen are proficient in interpreting the many different types of instruments involved in a chain of title and fully understand the effect these instruments have on the succession of title. Our title examiners have the ability to identify and resolve disparities in the sequence of instruments in a title chain. Contour's personnel have extensive experience in researching the various types of land records found throughout the Midwest.



  • Permitting

  • Development of project scope

  • Establishment of preliminary ownership & line list

  • Gathering survey approvals

  • Construction & reclamation liaison

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